Once or twice our newsletter has emphasised the importance of  group members expressing their views to the media. Due to a restriction of funds and numbers there isn’t much we can do to raise the humanist profile but a well-written letter to the local press can be very effective. This was again shown to be the case when recently group member Malcolm Rochefort wrote to the Hereford times with a call for action in the Hereford area:

Dear Editor,

A call to all non-believers!

In 2009 we celebrate both the double centenary of the birth of one of our greatest scientists and thinkers, Charles Darwin, and the 150th year since the publication of ‘On the Origin of Species’, which revolutionised our picture of life and humanity, not to say religious thinking.

As an atheist and a humanist (ethical without religion), it’s devastating to see religious conflicts still tearing apart the world, when the logic of Darwin’s reasoning exposed all religions requiring supernatural intervention as the adult fairy stories they are.

It is deeply disappointing, therefore, that in a town significantly bigger than Ludlow, and comparable in size with Shrewsbury, there is no independent group representing what may be the largest minority in the town – non-believers, when we have active Humanist and Secularist groups in Ludlow (Welsh Marches), Shrewsbury, and even Bishops Castle. Apart from the benefits of discussions with like minded individuals, unless you non-believers organise, you will find the benefits of our secular, free thinking, democracy gradually eroded by the powerful special interest groups of the various world religions. Already another faith school is being set up in this town against significant popular opposition.

If interested, please contact the British Humanist Association ( or National Secular Society ( , or the Welsh Marches Humanist Group ( for help in setting something up – or do it yourself!

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Rochefort

This letter sparked off further correspondence rebutting a reply from the Rev. Hellier but more importantly it also led to contact with a number of humanists in the area who might be in a position to take the initiative further. Hopefully concrete results will materialise in the next few months.


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    Guy Otten said,

    I am staying near Abergavenny. Can you tell me if the group has a meeting lined up in the next few weeks?
    Guy Otten

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