Recent meetings

On 4th February group members travelled to the Lord Hill hotel, Shrewsbury, to hear Professor Anthony Grayling’s talk on the controversy surrounding Darwin’s theory of evolution. The event commemorated the fact of Darwin’s birth in Shrewsbury 200 years ago. Despite the wintry weather more than two hundred attended.

In March we enjoyed a talk by group member Sue Falder about her work as a very active humanist officiant.

On 14th April we devoted our monthly meeting to a discussion of the government’s Statement of Values initiative. This we had expected to concentrate on identifying values and policies for the betterment of society generally. Instead the focus of the questions was on defining British identity. This we felt was most inappropriate particularly in view of the current emphasis on multiculturalism. A feedback report was submitted accordingly.

The group’s AGM was held on 12th May when all existing officers agreed to continue in post and, there being no other nominees, were unanimously re-elected. The meeting was followed by a 20 minute video on the CofE by the very luke-warm Anglican Rod Liddle. Our discussion afterwards deplored the fact that Liddle referred to Atheists and Humanists as arrogant whereas it ought to be obvious that inventing self-serving answers to the great unknowns, which is the facile solution of the religious, is far more arrogant than the humble humanist position of admitting that many questions about nature and the universe can’t as yet be answered and that all humans can do is to keep chipping away at the problems until, who knows, one day the mysteries will be fathomed.

The annual group Summer Social, on Sunday 14th June, was once again hosted by Seonaid and Tony at Rowton near Craven Arms.


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