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Children deserve balanced and thorough teaching on important topics like personal and social education, science, and beliefs and values. The BHA is asking you to help determine policy in these three important areas which are currently being debated.

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    dbedu said,

    Many argue that a free public education is a fundamental human right (World Bank, Millenium Development Project, UN Declaration of Human Rights). If this is the case, then this right or set of rights must be very precise.

    Some questions which must be asked include the following:

    In what ways can “education,” (read “rearing,” “upbringing,” or “training for life”) be applied universally to every single child on the planet (or country)? What are the commonalities in education that every single child has a right and obligation to?

    Literacy – uniform
    Basic Arithmetic – uniform
    Citizenship Skills – varied skills needed to thrive in the global, national, and local society which depend upon the location.

    Thinking about these questions illustrates the difficulty with developing a systematic education system. It is difficult precisely because there is so much diversity. There are only two ways to deal with this diversity:

    1. Reduce the goals of the national or global public education system to focus only on the bare essentials. After determining these goals, make sure that they are clearly stated and followed at all times. Consistency and uniformity is important in this core.

    2. Allow people to “learn” outside of the “public education” system in ways that they “learn” best. Much of this “learning” may very well occur inside present day schools, but it will not and can not be standardized and regulated at the national or even state level as the “public education” system is.

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    edbooked said,

    Public education should be treated as a privilege, not a right. Students must be motivated to actively participate in the learning process in order to take advantage of educational opportunities offered. Such motivation may come by offering opportunities in accordance with the established apptitude each student presents. Early identification of student apptitudes and potential can significantly assist in matching respective students with courses of study they are likely to enjoy and from which they are most likely to benefit. Specializing charter schools offer diverse opportunities for such learning. Accordingly, they should receive government funding based on the number of students they attract. Each couse of study should be designed to meet real world work place needs. Upon graduation each student will then be able to find meaningful work and contribute to the good of his/her community.

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    Education should be must for everyone with out any race, color or boundaries.

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