Hereford Humanist group – Consultation

Bearing in mind its rural location the Welsh Marches Humanist Group has been gratifyingly successful but the problem remains that travelling distances prevent many members from attending monthly events.

For this reason the group’s steering committee has given some thought to the possibility of establishing a satellite group, centred on Hereford. The argument goes that if a group in the Ludlow catchment area can thrive then Hereford, with a population more than six times as large, must also be a viable proposition.

It has now been decided to test the waters and a Hereford based meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday the 13th October.

It is not obvious what form this meeting should take and that is why I am sending out this consultation to ask for input and suggestions addressing the following questions:

  • What would be a suitable venue in Hereford for the meeting?
  • The group has a budget of up to £ 300 to advertise the initiative. What would be the most effective way of publicising the event? Are there any Hereford area
    humanists able and willing to play an active role in the project?
  • Should we aim for a separate, autonomous group or a WMHG supplementary group, offering occasional meetings in the Hereford area?
  • There have been positive reactions from non-WMHG member Humanists to Malcolm Rochefort’s letters in the Hereford Times. If an autonomous new group is envisaged are any Hereford based humanists, (members or non-members) interested in putting themselves forward as potential officers?
  • Are there any other aspects relating to the initiative on which you would like to comment?

Comments please to Tony Akkermans (


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