The God Virus: Darrel Ray talks in Birmingham

Best-selling US author Dr Darrel Ray will present a talk on his ideas related to his new book ‘The God Virus’. on Saturday 30th October from 1pm-4pm at the Moseley Community Development Trust, The Post Office Building. 149-153 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP.

The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture

A fast paced, humorous and engaging talk from this best-selling U.S. author. Darrel will explore “even the most sensitive areas of religious infection from sexual guilt to abstinence only, from the hypnotic techniques of ministers to music’s role in infection and how it all fits together”. Darrell will be signing copies of his book.

“Darrel Ray has made a marvelous contribution to our understanding of ourselves. The description of religion as a cultural virus is not new, Darrel is the first to put the virus on a slide and pull out the microscope. The God Virus goes beyond analogy, offering a fascinating and detailed look at the wiggling, maddening virus itself how it moves, how it survives, and how and why it continues to thrive.” Dale McGowan

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